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The Gertboard is one of the expansion boards, sold for some time in a kit form. It was nicknamed after Gert van Loo, its developer and one of the principal Hardware Engineers for Raspberry Pi, and was announced on 17th December 2011: [1]

Introducing Gertboard

Gertboard Availability Announcement includes links to assembly and user manuals.

Additional Details can be found on the Raspberry Pi Forum here.

As of 2012-11-01, it is not possible to order Gertboard. In Element14 words: "Sorry to disappoint, we have decided to remove the Gertboard from sale. Don’t worry we are planning on producing a fully assembled board but this will not be available for another few weeks." [2]

Gertboard test suite has been released in Python. These are written to be functionally identical to the original C programs, but have been rewritten from scratch. There are versions for WiringPi for Python and RPi.GPIO.

The Gertboard (click to enlarge)