RPi Noob Guides for Wheezy using 2012-06-18 beta

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A lot of this is applicable to Raspbian instalations.

Here are a few links to pages spcifically written to support noob members of our community.

Note noob (new-bee)is not used in a dreogetory sense it only signifies a user on the start of the road to geekdom.

All too many geeks and uber-geeks forget that they were once noobs themselves.

The guides are linked to the 2012-16-18 beta image in the title only for ease of fixing them to that specific image of wheezy.

There is every posibility that they will work just as well with later versions.

However on the pretence of not wishing to appear stupid the page is nominaly linked to that image.

  1. Fresh out of the box and nothing on the screen some advice for the first time boot and you have a blank screen
  2. If you have imaged the Wheezy SD card image and started your RPi here's some help with what you see first the raspi-config menu
  3. Set up a larger command line font Here for use with HDMI monitors (Note may be visualy too big for composite but it will still work & it also works for Raspbian instalations).
  4. If you don't have a composite monitor or HDMI then it may be worth you looking at this Blind Login Method this also works for Raspbian instalations.
  5. Wheezy Fortune a bit of ancient fun from the old days of UNIX Older than Dos
  6. Build yourself a Wheezy LAMP webserver. (Note this just tells you how to load some software)
  7. VNC connection for the monitorily challenged Noob VNC for a wheezy install (primarily for noobs that are using the Blind Login)

Noob hardware projects

  1. Noob hardware project guide page


Noob guide to the Raspbian.

The raspian image with install help is available here