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This page contains a set of ongoing projects. When complete, these projects will create new applications or card images or tutorials or guides. Anybody is welcome to help.

The Raspberry Pi Forum has a list of Project Ideas & Links, to help people get started.

Please add links to your projects (and ones you find interesting).

Fill in each section:

  • Project Title (as a link to the project webpage or connected wiki page)
  • Project Description (including any additional links or information
  • Skill Level/Ages it is aimed at (Any/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Tags (Keywords related to the project, i.e. LCD Screen, Teaching, Python)
  • Author(s) or the group who are producing it (also if it is an Open/Community Project for anyone to contribute)
  • Project Status (Theory/Not Started/In-Progress/Available).

Community Project List

Project Title and Link

Project Description






Rubus is a project to create a low-cost "classroom-in-a-box" by combining the Raspberry Pi with a lightweight Linux distribution, useful software, educational materials, peripherals and necessary storage. The intent is to eventually produce and distribute them as a charity via donations, as well as release Documentation on creating the image and providing it for download.

Language localization is a secondary objective, very much based on what storage restrictions arise. It is understood that not everyone speaks English, but most educational material slated for inclusion has the most work completed in English, and even large areas of Africa speak it as a secondary language.

The name Rubus comes from the genus name of the common raspberry; we feel it's fitting for a project based on the Raspberry Pi.


Philanthropy, Distro, Classroom, Education, Training, Community

Andrew Crouthamel - Open Project


Pi In The Sky


Cloud Storage and Management - Basic concept: Enable ways to easily switch and share system images for the R-Pi and manage user data, allowing joint development and easy management of set-ups.

  • Fast/Easy backup of system/data to external storage or network (local or cloud).
  • Management/Repository of base images.
  • Boot from network

Forum Link: Pi in the Sky - Cloud management?


Cloud, Storage, Management

Meltwater - Open Project

Not Started


BerryTerminal is a project to turn the Raspberry Pi into an affordable thin-client. It allows the user to login to a central Edubuntu or other LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) server, and run all applications on the central server.

Advantages of using a central server include:

  • Greatly simplifies management.
  • Applications only need to be installed to the central server, and are then available on all Raspberry terminals.
  • Only need to backup the central server, instead of the individual Raspberries.
  • Because the applications run on the central server, they are not affected by the resource limitations Raspberries have, allowing users to run applications like LibreOffice.


Thin client, terminal, Edubuntu, LTSP

Floris Bos - Open Project

First beta released

Home Automation and Monitoring

Home automation using Raspbery Pi is active in different places. Here are a few links


Weather, Heating, Automation, X10, OneWire

Open Project


Raspberry pi... In a laptop

Me and my colleagues are starting a computer company and we are making our first prototype with a raspberry pi! Slim,Sleek, and just plain awesome! Boy, Will this be interesting! Of course it is just a prototype and speed doesn't matter in this case. Stay tuned here and here!


Prototype, Laptop

hackery21 - Suggestions Accepted


BlueProximity 2.0

Detect presence in any room via a small number of R-Pis and Bluetooth Devices [Blueproximity] is already there, this will be a complete rewrite to manage sensor networks and put some fuzzy logic on top.


Bluetooth, Presence, Sensors, Network, Home Automation

highno - Open Project

Ideas and first code is setup

Raspberry Pi Seed Field

Provides a simple torrent centre that allows users to host a seedbox.


Torrents, Seeding, Web, Internet, Linux

SeanB - Open Project/Suggestion


[| Arr (Audio relay raspi) ]

The idea is to create a wireless speaker. Being able to get audio from smartphones or computers. Protocols like DLNA, Airplay and A2DP could be supported. An advanced option could be to use pulse audio libraries from linux to synchronize music on multiple raspis. The speakers attached to the raspberry pi could be a commercial ones or your HiFi but we are also thinking about some DIY solutions. For instance one could install the raspi and the speakers on the ceiling of multiple rooms.


DLNA, Airplay, Pulse, Audio, Music, Speaker, HiFi

Jordi - Open Project


[| Raspberry Projects ]

Collaboration of projects from start to finish from all levels of knowledge.


Education, Entertainment, Home, Auto & Others.

Symon Davis - Open Project



WiringPi is a library by Gordon Henderson which seeks to bring easy GPIO access in both shared-memory and /sys/class/gpio modes to the Pi. The WiringPi project seeks to wrap this library for a variety of languages, creating a standardised way of working with the Raspberry Pi hardware.

WiringPi currently works with C, Ruby, Python and Perl.

Gordon's pages on WiringPi are here: https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/

And the GitHub organisation is here: https://github.com/WiringPi


GPIO, Serial

Original author: Gordon Henderson Open Project - All ideas and contributions welcome


Serial JPEG camera (TTL, µCAM

Attaching the "Serial JPEG µCAM" (UK) to the GPIO pins and take pictures on command.

Easy hardware wise (no soldering), an understanding of compiling needed.

camera, hardware, gpio, ttl, serial ucam, image, photo


completed --.

Digital Signage

A place to collect information about using the Raspberry Pi to drive displays of useful information.


digital signage, kiosk, public displays, dashboards


Various --.