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Digital Signage platforms

  • 1PLAY - Cloud Digital Signage designed for Raspberry Pi(Pi ZeroW, Pi 1,2,3). Easy installation, simple tv screen management. Supports images, videos, proof of play, RTSP video streaming, HTML5, Zip webpages, custom App, remote monitors, rotated monitors, scrolling text, videowalls, screen deactivation, custom configuration.txt for Raspberry PI,RSS feeds and much more.
  • Yodeck - Digital Signage cloud platform, powering tens of thousands of Raspberry Pi's. Supports images, HD videos/streams, YouTube, HTML5 (+ scripting for login forms), PDF/PPT/XLS/DOC, widgets, RSS tickers, rotated monitors and video-walls, unlimited storage/bandwidth. Unlimited users, with fine-grained security control and SAML. Free for 1 monitor, free RPi 4 Model B for all monitors with the annual plan.
  • Linutop OS Linutop OS is now available for Raspberry. Powerful, yet lightweight, Linutop Kiosk software allows to easily setup a digital signage solution. This new version includes a network remote control for smartphones, tablets or PC to interact live with your digital signage player.
  • Raspberry Digital Signage - A digital signage solution for displaying web resources in a secure fullscreen view.
  • Raspberry Slideshow - Raspberry Slideshow is focused on quick-to-set-up image and video slideshows for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Screenly - The most popular digital solution designed for the Raspberry Pi. Powers over 10,000 screens around the world. Available both as an Open Source and as a commercial version.
  • piSignage - Digital signage for all
  • http://www.concerto-signage.org/ - open source
  • FirstView PiCube - A digital solution designed for the Raspberry Pi capable of displaying Images, HD Videos, RSS feeds and text presentations
  • RiseVision Digital Signage Platform - The Enterprise Digital Signage Platform. Everything you need to create amazing digital signage for FREE
  • info-beamer - Both standalone player software and hosted service available. Fully programmable in Lua, so you're not limited to prepared templates.
  • Kurkshop Electronics - Player for monitor systems. Can play standalone or in master-client configuration. Pictures, movies, text. Including a webinterface so anyone can understand.
  • World VDS Digital Signage Platform - Complete multiplatform solution for Digital Signage, available for Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux, Android Players, and SoC TVs: Web OS (LG), Tizen (Samsung) and Philips (Android).

Raspberry Pi projects

Talk about Raspberry Pi as a digital signage driver

Specific issues

Screen blanking

Rotate Screen

In general it seems this issue has not been resolved. Maybe http://www.bootc.net/projects/raspberry-pi-kernel/ will help?