RPi emulators

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Hardware Speed Stability Notes
Amiga (UAE4All)
Atari 2600 {STELLA in official repository}
Game Boy Advance No vba-next
Game Boy Color
Game Gear
MAME Yes Part 70 bin AdvMAME AdvMENU AdvMESS
NeoGeo GnGeo
Sega Master System (Mednafen) No No Mednafen / AdvMESS
Sega Megadrive No genesis-plus-gx
Nintendo Entertainment System
PC Engine / Turbo Grafx 16
Playstation 1 Notaz’s PCSX ReArmed GPU
Super Nintendo Entertainment System Yes Part SuperFX and SA-1 slow pocketsnes
ZX Spectrum (Andrey’s Unreal) Sinclair "FUSE" in official repository
Andrey’s Unreal GPU
Z Machine emulator (Frotz)
Multiple System Emulator Mednafen in official repository
Atari 800 GPU Atari++