RPi emulators

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Emulator Hardware Speed Stability chameleon RetroPi Notes
UAE4All Amiga (UAE4All) No Yes
Atari 2600 No {STELLA in official repository}
prBoom Doom No Yes
VBA-next Game Boy Advance No No Yes
Gambatte Game Boy Color No Yes
Game Gear No
iMAME4ALL MAME Part 70 Yes No Yes bin AdvMAME AdvMENU AdvMESS
iMAME4ALL NeoGeo No Yes GnGeo
Mednafen Sega Master System Yes Yes No No
genesis-plus-gx Sega Master System Yes Yes No Yes
genesis-plus-gx Sega Megadrive No No Yes
fceumm Nintendo Entertainment System No Yes
Mednafen_pcefast PC Engine / Turbo Grafx 16 No Yes
PCSX_reARMed Playstation 1 No Yes GPU
ScummVM No
pocketsnes Super Nintendo Entertainment System Yes Part No Yes SuperFX and SA-1 slow. pocketsnes
Frotz Z Machine emulator No Yes
Multiple System Emulator No Mednafen in official repository
Advancemame Arcade No No Yes No
Hatari Atari ST/STE Yes Yes Yes No
Sz81 ZX80 & ZX81 Yes Yes Yes No
Caprice Amstrad cpc464 No No Yes No
FBZX ZX Spectrum Yes Yes Yes No
Atari 800 Atari 8Bit Computer Line No No Yes No GPU Atari++
Oricutron Oric Atmos & Oric 1 No No Yes No
Linapple Apple II 8Bit Computer Line No No Yes No
Scummvm Lucasarts Point and Click Adventures Yes Yes Yes No
Stella Atari VCS Yes Yes Yes No
Vice Commodore 8 Bit computers (C64, PET, VIC-20 etc) No No Yes No
Dosbox DOS Computers No No Yes No
Unreal ZX Spectrum Yes Yes Yes No GPU
Fuse ZX Spectrum Yes Yes Yes No in official repository