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Differences between the Rev1.0 and Rev2.0 RaspberryPi schematics

The RaspberryPi Foundation has now provided official PDF schematics of both the Rev1.0 and Rev2.0 RaspberryPi boards - links can be found here. This blog post provides an overview of the changes between the two versions, but I wanted to provide a much more "definitive" version of the differences.

So I loaded up GIMP (my image editor of choice), imported the PDFs into that, and through careful manipulation managed to graphically separate out the differences between the two sets of schematics! In the images linked below, parts that are coloured black are common to both versions of the schematics, parts that are coloured red are only on the Rev1.0 version of the schematics, and parts that are coloured green are only on the Rev2.0 version of the schematics. I'm really pleased with how well it worked, it makes it really easy to spot the differences at a glance (although for full readability you'll want to refer back to the original PDFs).

Here's a small excerpt (from page 2) so you can see what I mean:


Here's download links to the full-size (4945 x 3496) images for each of the five pages in the schematics: