RPi schematic errata

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Raspberry Pi schematic errata

The (partial) datasheet was published here: | at raspberrypi.org and | a mirror

It has a couple of typos. Some more serious than others.

Let's gather those schematic typos and errors here.

The quality of the schematic is high. It looks like it contains the information that designers need.

Schematic v1.0 (Model B)

Unverified typos

  • On sheet 3, area C9, should that not be a (B) instead of (A) under the “IC3?”
  • Also D10 close by
  • R22,23,24,25 & C28 all missing (B) designation
  • Also on sheet 3: R38 (area B8), R28 (area H5), C49 (area A1) and C29 (area A2) also appear to be missing (B) designation