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Raspbian is a project to create a hard float port of debian for the Raspberry Pi and similar devices which use ARMv6 processors with VFPv2. The official debian armhf packages are built with ARMv7, VFPv3_D16 and Thumb2. So they are not suitable for the Pi and similar devices. To get arround this we have to change the compiler defaults (easy) and recompile everything (harder than it sounds).

Infrastructure has been set-up for building packages. We aim to stay as close to debian wheezy as possible but we will pull in packages from sid and/or make our own modifications when we deem it nessacery.

A chroot can be bootstrapped from a debian squeeze armel installation using the following commands (replace /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi with where you want your chroot).

debootstrap --arch=armhf wheezy /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi http://debian.raspbian.com/debian/
cd /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi
wget http://debian.raspbian.com/raspbian.public.key
chroot /chroots/wheezy-armhf-rpi
mount -t proc proc /proc
cat raspbian.public.key | apt-key add
apt-get update

Modified packages

Note: this list is incomplete

Source package Changes Reason Status
gettext fixed dependency scanning package had incorrect dependencies bug 670588 filed in debian
libxslt fixed building with build-arch package failed to build with build-arch bug 666333 filed in debian.
elfutils testsuite disabled testsuite failed on plugwash's build system and package was needed local hack, hopefully we can drop later.
openldap patched smbk5pwd.c compilation failed previous bug 664930 filed in debian.