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This page has information about Real-time usage of Linux. Also this page has information about timing systems for Linux. This is of interest to CE Linux Forum members, because many consumer electronics products have realtime requirements (e.g. in the areas of multi-media presentation, or communications)

Real Time Wiki

  • Please note that the primary source of information for Real Time Linux information is the new RTWiki.

Technology/Project pages

  • [Realtime Preemption put link to patchset here - Ingo Molnar's patchset to add realtime preemption to the 2.6 Linux kernel
  • SoftIRQThreads put link here - Technology to put SoftIRQs in threads so they can be preempted. NOTE: This is now incorporated into the Realtime Preemption put link here patch
  • High Resolution Timers put link here - A system to support timers with sub-jiffy resolution
  • Variable Scheduling Timeouts put link here - A system to support variable timeouts for periodic system activities (also known as Tickless)
  • Kernel Timer Systems 'put link here - Various new proposals for changing the kernel timing system


  • CELF Specification - put link to PDF here
  • Realtime Preemption presentation by Manas at the 2005 CELF Technical Conference - put link to PDF here Real-Time-Preemption-Patchset.pdf

Open Source Projects/Mailing Lists

  • RTAIFusion put link here - Dual-kernel project. Fusion adds emphasis for support for realtime in user-space.