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As yet, the foundation does not provide cases for the Raspberry Pi. The small form factor or low power draw however, allow you to put it in almost everything.
==Lego Case==
[[File:R-Pi case, Lego, prototype.png|thumb|right|The Rpi Lego case, designed by forum user eric_baird]]
I just had a go at knocking up a quick Lego case prototype. Since I don't know the metrics of all the connections, it's a bit of a "proof of concept" right now, but since's it's not exactly difficult to take out any offending side-pieces and move them if they're in the way of a beloved connector, I'm assuming that this isn't a big deal.
Also, because of the thin side-walls, a bit of additional hacksawing or dremeling shouldn't be too difficult.
I've limited myself to only using pieces that are currently available from Lego's "Pick a Brick" shop, in red. :)
I've tried to fit everything into an 8*12 grid footprint, which will hopefully fit … but I don't have the specs of the thickness of the thin wall-pieces, so no guarantees. One thing that might screw things up is the height of the board's connectors: I don't know whether they'll all fit within the upper and lower lip of the side-wall pieces. If the board's "USB port stack" is too high, I guess the "roof" could be raised by a tile or two.
I knocked it up with Lego's Digital Designer program (free [http://ldd.lego.com/download/ download] from their site). The critical Lego piece is the repeated hollowed-out "side wall" ("[") brick ("wall element 1*2*2, w. window"), which you'll find on LDD's parts palette behind the little "door" symbol, or under the Pick a Brick page, as element #4507686, design #60032 (red), cost 8 pence each.
Feel free to hack, mangle or otherwise rework.
[[Media:Raspberry_Pi_Lego_Case.tgz|Download the Lego Digital Designer file for this case]]
==Lego Case 2==
[[File:Rpilegocase.gif|thumb|right|Another Rpi Lego case, designed by forum user kimondo]]
I had a bit of a play in lego designer with the idea of a vertical case – the USB / ethernet would emerge from the top, and the power usb would be on the bottom – possibly using a right angled usb connector. It's possible to alter the sides to allow for gaps for the various bits that stick out. There are lots of transparent bricks available – also includes a 2 x 2 brick to stick the raspberry pi sticker on.
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