Rpi USB check-list

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  1. 1A+ power supply
  2. low resistance power cable test
  3. powered USB hub 2 or less
  4. power Isolated USB cable link
  5. updated firmware link
  6. google search part of the bug report link
  7. bug report:
rm /var/log/kern.log /var/log/kern.log.1 /var/log/kern.log.*.gz
shutdown -r now
##make the error happen
lsusb -v | grep -iP "Transfer Type.*(Interrupt|Isochronous)" | wc -l
cat /var/log/kern.log | grep -iP "fail|warn|error" | perl -p -e 's/^[^\]\n]*\]//g;s/(warn_alloc_failed: )[0-9]+/$1/g' | sort -u;