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CPU Board ----- Core2440-III

 * ARM9 Samsung S3C2440A development board
 * 64Mbyte SDRAM, 64Mbyte Nand Flash
 * 250 pins connectors( Extend out all the I/O from S3C2440A with 250-pin connector)
 * One JTAG interface
 * RTC support
 * PCB: 6 layers, 78.7mm X 38mm X 1.6 mm 

Mother board 1 ----- Kit2440-III

 * LCD/Touch Screen interface (40-pin FPC connector, support resolution up to 2048*2048)
 * Audio input and output slot (3.5mm audio jack)
 * 4 USB Host interface and 1 USB device
 * one SD card slot
 * One 10/100M Ethernet interface (RJ45)
 * 3 serial port(One 3-wire Serial port, the others was under the DB9 interface)
 * One 20-pin Jtag interface
 * One reset button
 * two expansion connector (two 20Pin 2mm pitch of the GPIO Interface Contains:Camera, SPI, I/O, AD)
 * PCB: 4 layers,  105mm x 80mm 
 * Fully support Windows 5.0 and Linux2.6.29

Electrical Characteristics

 * Power supply: +9V
 * Working temperature: 0~70°C

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Hardware Information

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