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How to use OTG port as HOST / 如何使用OTG作为HOST

Modify the kernel menuconfig:

 Device Drivers--->
[*] USB support--->
<*> Inventra Highspeed Dual Role Controller (TI, ADI, ...)
*** OMAP 343x high speed USB support ***
Driver Mode (Both host and peripheral: USB OTG (On The Go) Device) --->

You have to prepare the tools:
USB-mini-A-to-female-A cable (PIN4(ID signal) have to connect to PIN5(GND))
USB-HUB power supply adapter

The steps as below:
1 Enable the USB Host fuction on the kernel configuration, and recompile the kernel.
2 Copy the new image to the TF card and boot the OS with TF card.
3 Connect the USB-mini-A-to-female-A cable to the board.
4 Connect the USB-HUB to the USB-mini-A-to-female-A cable with female-A side.
5 Connect the USB-HUB power supply adapter to the USB-HUB.
6 Connect the USB device to the USB-HUB.