SMP Presentations

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How to Port Linux to a New Processor [ELC 2016]

Summary: This talk will provide an overview of the procedure that
carried out from the early assembly boot code to adding SMP support
(and some early-NUMA support).

Strategies for Migrating Uniprocessor Code to Multi-Core SMP [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Mike Anderson
Summary: This presentation talks about muti-core migration, Linux
threading model and strategies for avoiding race conditions.

Multi-core Scheduling Optimizations for Soft Real-time Multi-threaded Applications -- A Cooperation Aware Approach [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Lucas Martins De Marchi
Summary: These slides give information about analysis and optimisation
of soft real-time multi-threaded application.

Lock-free Algorithm for Multi-Core Architecture [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Hiromasa Kanda
Summary: This presentation discusses about problems of multi-thread program
and about lock free algorithm.

User-Space, Multi-core Development Issues [ELC 2009]

Presenter: Mike Anderson (presented by Reece Pollack)
Summary: This presentation talks about multi-core processors and
Linux support for multi processing.

Microthreads as Linux CPUs - SMTC Linux for MIPS MT cores [ELC 2006]

Presenter: Kevin D. Kissell
Summary: These slides give information about multi-threading concepts
and about SMTC Linux.

Optimization Techniques for maximizing application performance on Multi-core processors. [ELC]

Presenter: Kittur Ganesh

Understanding and Using SMP/Multicore Processors[ELCE 2008]

Presenter: Mike Anderson

Concurrency, Locks