Security Hardware Resources

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This page has information about hardware based security enhancement, which is of interest to CE Linux Forum members

Technology/Project pages


  • Secure Flashing/Booting Support
  • Secure Storage
  • Cryptographic Accelerators
  • FIPS Compliant True Hardware RNG
  • Secure DMA Channels


Security chips

TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

TPM Specifications

Security enhanced processors

ARM(R) TrustZone(R)

ARM Trustzone

OMAP M-Shied

TI White Paper

Intel(R) Wireless Trusted Platform

IBM White Paper


The Cell processor has an 'isolated' SPU runtime environment. CBE Architecture document

Open Source Projects/Mailing Lists


  • Linux TPM Device Driver: Device driver to enable the TPM chip as described by specifications at The TPM chip will enable you to use hardware to securely store and protect your keys and personal data. See also the TrouSerS project.
  • TrouSers: An open-source TCG Software Stack implementation, created and released by IBM.