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Securing Embedded Linux [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Michael E. Anderson, The PTR Group
Summary: This presentation talks about the attackers, Secure boot techniques
encryption, certificates, code signing and digital signatures.Also discusses
about characteristics of a secure system and steps to secure the data center,
border gateway and the edge devices.

Creating a Secure Router Using SELinux [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Mike Anderson
Summary: This presentation provides information about the problem of
securing a firewall/router, SELinux, layering security on an
example device and debugging the security policy.

Development of Embedded SE Linux [ELC 2008]

Presenter: Yuichi Nakamura
Summary: This presentation talks about What is SELinux, difficulties in
Embedded SELinux, development of Embedded SELinux and application
to various devices.

Comparison of Secure OSes and embedded SELinux activity in Japan [ELC 2007]

Presenter: Yuichi Nakamura
Summary: These slides give information about SELinux & AppArmor
and about SELinux activities in Japan.

Security in embedded devices

Introduction to Embedded Linux Security [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Sergio Prado, Embedded Labworks
Summary: This presentation talks about security, secure boot
concepts and it's implementation.

Handling Top Security Threats for Connected Embedded Devices [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Eystein Stenberg,
Summary: This talk will explain the most effective strategies
and detail the practical steps needed to tackle top security
threats for connected embedded devices.

Understanding Threat Models for Embedded Devices [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Jake Edge
Summary: This presentation talks about potential threats, threat model
and protection of data for embedded devices.

Security issues for embedded devices [ELC 2009]

Presenter: Jake Edge
Summary: These slides give information about the attack surface ,attacks and
attackers and security issues for embedded devices.

Recent Security Features and Issues in Embedded Systems [ELC 2008]

Presenter: KaiGai Kohei
Summary: This presentation discusses about evolution of OS security, sorting
out security requirements and recent security features and issues in
embedded systems.


Under Lock & Key: Using Hardware Protected Keys with the Linux Crypto API [ELCE 2019]

Presenter: Gilad, Arm
Summary: This presentation gives information about the Linux
Cryptography Sub-System, Crypto API and protected keys usage.

Cryptography Basics for Embedded Developers [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Eystein Stenberg,
Summary: This presentation provides information about the basic mechanisms of
cryptography, like encryption, signatures, and key storage.

An Overview of the Linux Kernel Crypto Subsystem [ELCE]

Presenter: Boris Brezillon, Free Electrons
Summary: This presentation provides an introduction to cryptographic algorithms
and discusses questions related to Crypto subsystem.


How to Analyze Your Linux's Behavior with TOMOYO Linux [ELC 2008]

Presenter: Kentaro Takeda
Summary: This presentation analyses Tomoyo Linux and talks about
ways to configure different security policies in the same.

TomoyoLinux - A Lightweight and Manageable Security System for PC and Embedded Linux [ELC 2007]

Presenter: ToshiharuHarada, Tetsuo Handa
Summary: This presentation talks about Tomoyo Linux -- which is a
lightweight security system for PC and Embedded Linux.

TomoyoLinux - Tutorial [ELC 2007]

Presenter: Kei Masumoto, Kentaro Takeda
Summary: This presentation gives basic knowledge of Tomoyo Linux
and also talks about basic configurations on the same.


Technical Overview of the Trusted Firmware: A Class Open Source Project [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Sandrine Bailleux & Joanna Farley, Arm
Summary: This presentation talks about what is Trusted Firmware-A
and how to rearchitecturing the Secure World Software.

Inside the Linux Security Modules (LSM) [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Vandana Salve, Prasme Systems
Summary: This presentation provides information on Linux Security
Modules(LSM),integration of an LSM into the linux kernel,
architecture and types of LSMs.

The Bad Guys Just Broke My Crypto - What Do I Do? [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Kris Chaplin, Intel UK
Summary: This presentation give information about secure communication
and methods to protect the data.

Open Source CVE Monitoring and Management: Cutting Through the Vulnerability Storm [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Akshay Bhat, Timesys
Summary: This presentation will introduce the process of monitoring CVE's,
determining applicability, assessing the severity and finding fixes.
Some of the challenges in tracking CVE's due to NVD/MITRE feeds having
incorrect/missing data.

Safety vs Security: A Tale of Two Updates [ELCE 2019]

Presenter: Jeremy Rosen,
Summary: This talk is about Philosophy and culture, mainly about Industrial
embedded systems and about safety and security importance. - Enabling the TPM2.0 Ecosystem in Linux [ELCE 2019]

Presenter: Andreas Fuchs, Infineon Technologies AG
Summary: This presentation provides information about basics of the TPM2.0 and
certain use cases using the tpm2-software stack.

Using Seccomp to Limit the Kernel Attack Surface [ELCE 2018]

Presenter: Michael Kerrisk, Training and Consulting
Summary: This presentation talks about Seccomp, Seccomp filtering and BPF,
the BPF virtual machine and BPF instructions and productivity aids.

Introduction to Reverse Engineering [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc.
Summary: This presentation will covers , the techniques used by
the cracker to reverse engineer your hardware and your software.
Also will talk about techniques to bypass physical security .

Drinking From the CVE Firehouse: Or How To Ensure Your Open Source Product Survives the Onslaught of Publicly Known Security Vulnerabilities [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Ryan Ware, Intel Corporation
Summary: This talk will present strategies for how you survive
onslaught allowing you to manage the security of your product
and even make your product better over time.

Securing the Connected Car [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Eystein Stenberg,
Summary: This presentation talks about the security risks associated with
connected cars, detailing the Jeep Cherokee hack which gives remote
control of the car and the technical details of this attack and provide
specific security strategies.

The Aftermath of a Fuzz Run: What to do about those Crashes? [ELC 2017]

Presenter: David Moore, FuzzStation
Summary: This session will describe tools, tactics and techniques for performing post
fuzz (Fuzzing -- means of finding security vulnerabilities) run analysis on
the resulting crashes with the goal of fixing the vulnerabilities.

Securing Embedded Linux Systems with TPM 2.0 [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Philip Tricca, Intel
Summary: This talk will discuss a threat model that describes the security
goals, the Intel TPM2 software stack (TSS) and the various possible
configurations appropriate for Linux systems from embedded up to servers.

SecurityPI: IronClad you Raspberry Pi [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Rabimba Karanjai
Summary: This presentation talks about the security of a Raspberry Pi 3,
different techniques with code examples.

OP-TEE - Using TrustZone to Protect Our Own Secrets [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Marc Kleine-Budde, Pengutronix e.
Summary: This presentation gives information about ARM architecture, ARM TrustZone,
Trusted Execution Environment and Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment.

Low Level Sensor Programing and Security Enforcement with MRAA [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Brendan Le Foll, Intel Corporation
Summary: This talk will explain how the power of MRAA associated with AGL
development tools offer a novel approach to sensor and control programming
in a secured environment.

Security Features for UBIFS [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Richard Weinberger, sigma star gmbh
Summary: This talk explains what kind of protection fscrypt brings
to the MTD stack and how to use it.

Zephyr Project: Developed with Security in Mind [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Constanza Health
Summary: These slides give information about the security integration and
methodology for Zephyr project.

Intelligence at the Edge. Embracing the Data Flood [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Andrzej Wieczorek & Niklas Kvarnström, Tieto
Summary: This presentation talks about data and intelligence.
Also discusses three real cases: Manufacturing (pulp), Healthcare and Logistics
(cargo ship).

Secure and Scalable Data Collection Using OpenDOF [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Bryant Eastham, Panasonic
Summary: This presentation talks about the OpenDOF Project, data
collection and manipulation and persisting data.

Secure Embedded Linux Product - A Success Story [ELCE 2013]

Presenter: Martin Bis
Summary: These slides discuss about Embedded security,
attack vector and surface and a practical example
of secured embedded Linux system.

Linux Secured Integrity - Protention Against Remote Attacks [ELCE 2013]

Presenter: Holger Dengler
Summary: These slides give information about embedded systems environment,
classic boot and about verifying boot.

Digital TV and Application Store, Solving Security Problems [ELCE 2009]

Presenter: Vladislav Buzov
Summary: This presentation provides information about the security
issues associated with third-party applications on digital TV and discusses
about approaches to fix the issues.