Session:Imagine a World Without Linux

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Session Details

ELCE 2011
October 26, 2011
Jim Zemlin
The Linux Foundation
here (free-electrons)


Transcribed by
Florian Mösch,

(From the free-electrons video)

0:00 - 1:00: >> JIM ZEMLIN: Welcome to LinuxCon Europe, our first event, and the Embedded Linux Conference Europe. I have to apologize. We have had a lot more people come to the event than we expected, so I see a lot of people standing over there. But the good news is that the interest in Linux is bigger than ever and I think that's why so many people have come here today to be a part of this. So I want to thank all of you for for attending. I want to thank also our sponsors who are making the event possible. In particular our platinum sponsors Intel and Qualcom without which we couldn't do this event. Also for the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, I want to thank in particular Sony who is the platinum sponsor of that event.

1:00 - 2:00: I also like so specifically thank the folks from Linux Congress who are our program and content partners this year. The folks from Linux Congress do a really good job helping us has made this event possible. So thanks to all of you from Linux Congress. I have a couple of quick announcements before we start. Tonight we have an evening event at the oldest brewery in the Czech Republic, the New Fleku Brewery. As with all Linux Foundation events, it will be free as in beer. So please come to tonight's event. There will be free food and free beer for everyone. Buses depart at 6:15 and 7 o'clock tonight downstairs. Also we have a mobile app for the event. You can go and download it from the Android marketplace or if you really have to, you can get it from the iTunes appstore. [laughter] It's free and it has a conference guide in that will tell you updates on all the things going on at the event.

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