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* See also [[Diff And Patch Tricks]]
* See also [[Diff And Patch Tricks]]
== GIT ==
== Version Control Systems ==
GIT is the source code management tool used by many kernel developers.
* [[Git]]
* GIT project home page: http://git.or.cz/
* [[Subversion]]
* [[BitKeeper]]
== Identity Verification, text validation ==
* [[PgpKey]]
[[Category:Development Tools]]

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Here are some different source management tools commonly used with Linux:


Patch Management Tools

  • diff - to create patches
    • use 'man diff' on your local system for information
  • patch - to apply patches
    • use 'man patch' on your local system for information
  • Quilt is good for managing a group of patches relative to a single source base.
  • diffstat reads a patch file (or standard input) and displays a histogram of the insertions, deletions, and modifications per-file. It is useful for reviewing large, complex patch files. It reads from one or more input files or from standard input. If an input filename ends with .bz2, .Z or .gz, diffstat will read the uncompressed data via a pipe from the corresponding program.
  • Tim's patch management tools - diffinfo and friends - a more verbose diffstat, with splitting, joining and comparing of patches
  • See also Diff And Patch Tricks

Version Control Systems

Identity Verification, text validation