Sunplus SPMP3050A

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Sunplus SPMP3050A


The Sunplus SPMP3050A is a chip which is used in MP4 players. An MP4 player with this chip is available from DeaslExtreme for only USD 44.92 (price as of 2008-11-20). This player has 2GB flash, 8 MB ram and a color LCD screen.


Some of the key characteristics:

  • 32-bit ARM926EJ with a Programmable CPU Operating Frequency from 82kHz to 168MHz.
  • Support RGB Bayer Patterns Output Sensors with up to 6M-pixel (2872x2160) image resolution.
  • Support YUV422-Output Sensors or CCD modules up to 3M (2048x1536) image size.
  • Support LCM/LCD/OLED Panel of resolution up to 240x320.
  • Support 18-bit(RGB666), 16-bit(RGB565), 12-bit(RGB444), 8-bit(RGB332) LCMs.
  • Support 18-bit(RGB666) LCD.
  • Built-in TV encoder, provide NTSC/PAL composite video output.
  • Build-in USB1.1 Full-Speed Host and device Controller and Transceiver.
  • Support SD/microSD/MMC/MMC4.0-4bits card
  • Support SLC and MLC NAND-type Flash memory
  • Embedded 16-bit high-quality Stereo Audio ADC/DAC
  • Line-in and Line-out support.
  • Embedded microphone input and headset output with amplifier.
  • Support stereo speaker output with external amplifier.
  • Standard JPEG CODEC.
  • H.263 baseline profile level30, MPEG4 simple profile level3 CODEC
  • Support 3GP/ASF/AVI/MP4 file format
  • MPEG4/H.263 frame rate is up to 30 fps @ 352x288 resolution, 10 fps @.640x480 resolution
  • 1 UART port for debug.
  • 13 GPIO with built-in interrupt function
  • Built-in 3-channel inputs 10-bit SAR ADC with 24K sampling rate for touch panel, battery power monitor and other applications.
  • 6x2 Keypad interface


spmp305x wiki is a wiki for this chip. Unfortunately it is heavily vandalised.

A specification of the chipset can be found at

Unfortunately no datasheet is available, which is a pity as this thing would be a very nice, ultra cheap linux box. also has a long thread on this chip and the players based upon it here