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I couldn't get this to work, however changing this line in

 export BBPATH="${OE_HOME}/beagleboard/:${OE_HOME}/beagleboard/${MY_OE_CONF}:${OE_HOME}/openembedded"


 export BBPATH="${OE_HOME}/beagleboard/${MY_OE_CONF}:${OE_HOME}/local:${OE_TOP}"

Fixed the problem. As I'm new to bitbake/OE I thought I should comment rather than make a change. Am I missing something?

--Rvoisey 15:59, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

mine looks like: export BBPATH=/home/frans/oe/openembedded/conf:/home/frans/oe/openembedded

--mpoullet As OpenEmbedded is probably going to move from "packages" to "recipes", see 1, I think we should follow this move and change "local/packages" in "local/recipes", what do the other user of this workflow think?