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>who is wasting my time reupdating the old page and moving my pages

>i told you i'm updating the pages to a modern form, also wiky guys have done a jam moving and updating the wiky, it is not my fault, and i've no so much time, also the old page

>code is not compatible with the new wiky: ergo let me merge the old pages !!!

>>don't waste my time moving up and down, please !

>>>edit your own page DHT-Walnut-Flameman , don't delete other peoples work

who are you ? where is your email ? i don't delete other page, i'm merging them into a one work: why should we fork pages ? if so, could you restore the old pages ? the one on the old wiky ? they ware perfect ! nobody wants to waste his time to merge old to new, i'm working to it and you are wasting my time


dear prpplague, could you help me in porting all from the old pages ?

i need help about porting the old pages i'm not able to correctly format pages with the new wiki also i found problem in adding text label ... how to do it ? thankyou and best regards