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Here is some information about the original idea for the Products page:

We would like to create a portal page for products using embedded linux, and list as many products as we possibly can. Whoever does this could ask for the companies in CELF to populate the list with their own products, as a starter.

The trick to keeping this manageable is to come up with the organization for the list (it will eventually be a very big list, and listing by name or company won't be too useful (though those should be part of the listing) so I would prefer we list the products by category of use. Eg. TVs, cell phones, routers, settop boxes, game consoles, etc.

Each entry should have: product name, company, year introduced, and category. Over time we can fill in links to sub-pages in case people have additional information for a product (like kernel version, place to download software, more detailed hardware info, etc.) In some cases, the sub-page may have links to full project sites (like for TiVo, for which there is a LOT of existing external content).

This could be a background task over a period of time. It doesn't really matter how much gets done in the short term -- others will hopefully follow and add information once the list is started. --TimBird 21:07, 5 December 2006 (EET)