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How to easily move the home directory to a large external disk?

Must be very easy and guaranteed to work.

Must not destroy any current files in the home directory.

Any ideas? Add your text below, please also add your name so we know who wrote what.

Suggestion 1: Only move public files to the external hard disk

bredman 12 March 2012

The easiest solution is to place the public files on the external hard disk and leave the home directory on the SD card.

Very easy, but it limits the amount of space available to the private areas.

May be good enough to keep 90% of people happy. Would it be good enough for a classroom?

bredman 14 March 2012

As suggested by error404, use usbmount to automount the external hard disk to /media/usb0 and serve this directory as the public area.

Enable security on the Samba server on the RPi

Could someone who is knowledgeable about samba server setup add a line or two at the end of this section clarifying whether the new user's user password and samba passwords should|could|must be the same.

Linux Guided Added

I've added a guide on accessing samba shares under Linux, any feedback positive or negative would be very much appreciated :) --Joshun