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Minor edit to Arch section

I've removed the following from the Arch section: "There is a step-by-step guide for installing Arch with the Enlightenment desktop". The guide linked to was mine, posted in the forums. I've since had the topic closed with the caveat that the guide is out of date, and contains potentially incorrect information; several users followed it with no success. I'll be producing an updated version over the next few days which will be posted here, where it's much easier to edit and keep up to date.

I'll add the link back in to this page when I've done so. Blc 11:44, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

Special pages for every distribution

I think it would improve the view and information provided on this page if most of the Fedora Remix part would be placed on a new page... I guess there will be a lot more content to the different distributions so this page will provide too much information soon otherwise. --Triggerhurt 00:13, 31 March 2012 (UTC)

I added some info about armhf, if you think it is in wrong paragraph or have some additional tehcnical info to add please do. --Valentt

I think the kernel version should be included in the table of the OS's at least like "Linux (3.1)" --Sraue

@Elatllat, whats the reason you change my changes regarding OpenELEC back? For OpenELEC we have decided to use XBMC's addon manager to install, update, remove, enable, disable additional software packages to have consistent solution to enhance the core system. it has the same functions like any other package manager in Linux's world. pointing a link to our wiki where we document only a few of the addons they are avaible is wrong here. there are some other addons avaible (which can be installed manually or via a repo), some of them are not avaible for RaspberryPi, because it makes no sense to use this software on such low power devices. All in all OpenELEC can be enhanced with additional software, we dont must use apt for this like most of the other avaible distributions in this table.

Separating general purpose and specialised distros

In order to make the list of operating systems less cluttered, I think it would be better to sort them by purpose and type e.g. general purpose Linux OS, specialised Linux OS (e.g. media centres, dumb terminals), Non-Linux OS's etc. This may be done by adding other table column or by separating the OS's into different tables based around type. At the very least, the list of available distributions needs to get sorted out and organised in some manner. - Vote_gough

Updated OpenSuSE

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