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The RPi administration is headed by the RPi Council now.

The RPi council is now defunct and i hope that it gets replaced by open , collaborative and fair

discussion between Wiki editors instead. Therefore i believe this page might be used as the central
place for discussions around the Raspberry Pi Wiki articles again.
Here are some things i'd like to address :

  • 1. What happens to the RPi_Council page ? Shall we merge it with this one ?
  • 2 : I want to start a thread on the forums with updates on "cleaning up the Wiki" and a call for volunteers.
    This is of paramount importance IMHO. Perhaps we can interested helpers from the beta RaspberryPi Stackexchange , too.

I believe that by communication via and presence on the forum we can make this Wiki much more useful for everyone.
What do you think ?

  • 3 : Does anyone have a overview who translates Wiki articles and how this is managed ?

I' like to talk to MagPi translators , other volunteers and admins if we can do anything improve
the situation or work together better.

Regards , 14:04, 8 April 2013 (UTC)

The Big-8 approved usenet unmoderated newsgroup news:comp.sys.raspberry-pi and began propagating 2013.04.01 among newsservers. Is this better organized under Supporting Communities or Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups? I put it under Supporting Communities for now. DisneyWizard (talk) 21:50, 4 April 2013 (UTC)