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This page is intended as a space to discuss change and alterations to the design and layout of the RPi hub pages, as well as a point of contact for issues/tidy up jobs which are outstanding.

Please feel free to add your own comments, ideas and thoughts.

My ideas -- Ghans

Please use the category RaspberryPi ! This stops duplicate work and helps people find information ! Tag your images/uploads also !

meltwater - Agreed, categories need to be added (not too familiar with them - so will learn), in particular general RaspberryPi tags (would improve searching a lot). TO DO

Recruit wiki editors on the forums !

meltwater - Will add a thread.

Discussion like this should not be done in a wiki , but on the discussion page !

meltwater - Wasn't sure anyone would look at it, but since you can link to the discussion page (it didn't occur to me), that would be better (will tidy it up). This page can be replaced with other info instead.

Is a guestbook in a wiki a good idea ? Offer the foundation and forum admins a reliable solution to migrate each part of their WP site: Forum , comments, guestbook and this wiki (away from eLinux )!

A single Wordpress site isn't made to support all this.

ELinux is a wiki for many boards , but a seperate one for the Raspberry couldn't hurt !

meltwater - I agree about the site and forums, but that's up to the foundation.

They obviously need support for their community !

DeadLinks/Old Pages

To Do

Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups Rpi Education

  • needs merging the details from RaspberryPiBoard/EducationalLinks
  • My original thought is to keep it separate to the community links, since one main focus of the RPi is the education side and ideally schools and clubs etc can share with each other through their own group pages. But feel free to change it!

Supporting Communities

RPi Projects, Guides & Tutorials RaspberryPiBoardProjects

  • Requires content!

Beginners Guide RaspberryPiBoardBeginners

  • Needs a little tidy up and probably updating (by those who know!).
  • Oh..I missed the RaspberryPiFirstSteps page RaspberryPiFirstSteps, I ended up doing a very similar page (should have looked closer, so they can be combined

Language / Translations

  • I"ve no idea what to do with that bit (from the original page), since I don"t know what the support is for doing it. We can add a section for this if required.
  • Need to add space for translated versions (i.e. links at the top of the page for each version).

Main Link to RPi Hub

  • Do we want the RPi Hub to be the main link page or not (can link from the original RaspberryPiBoard or replace it and re-link any links to the old RPi Hub...

Design Ideas/Improvements