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This page is intended as a space to discuss change and alterations to the design and layout of the RPi hub pages, as well as a point of contact for issues/tidy up jobs which are outstanding.

Please feel free to add your own comments, ideas and thoughts.

My ideas -- Ghans

Please use the category RaspberryPi! This stops duplicate work and helps people find information ! Tag your images/uploads also !

meltwater - Agreed, categories need to be added (not too familiar with them - so will learn), in particular general RaspberryPi tags (would improve searching a lot). TO DO - Will need everyone to help with it please.

ghans - It's easy to to do : Just add [[Category:RaspberryPi]] to the top of each article ! Can be done on images , too. I'm currently searching and re-applying the category .

meltwater - thanks, just noticed you had. Added notes on the new thread asking for editors.

Recruit wiki editors on the forums!

meltwater - Will add a thread. DONE

Is a guestbook in a wiki a good idea?

meltwater - It no more open to abuse than any other part, but it can be removed if wanted (at that point I was playing around with ideas - so happy either way).

ghans - OK. I just thought a real guestbook would be more appropriate.

meltwater - is there a proper one, or do you mean on the main org page. To be fair the thread linked seems good enough so far, so it might not be required on the wiki too (can see if it gets used or not).

Offer the foundation and forum admins a reliable solution to migrate each part of their WP site: Forum , comments, guestbook and this wiki (away from eLinux )!

A single Wordpress site isn't made to support all this.

ELinux is a wiki for many boards , but a seperate one for the Raspberry couldn't hurt !

meltwater - I agree about the site and forums, but that's up to the foundation. They are getting server space I believe so hopefully things will evolve.

ghans - What I meant was that at the moment the Foundation could do with donations of human and technocal resources. Money wouldn't hurt , but they are constantly referring to "the community" . For example , some generous people on the forums offered their root/webservers to seed and host (ftp) some SDCard images .

meltwater - They were donated the server space to run the site etc. I don't know if they plan to change anything else yet.

I think "the community" will not be in a single place, but spread everywhere, with hubs of activity focused in all kinds of areas.

The problem I saw was 100s/1000s of groups all working away in their own spaces on the same stuff unaware of each other, hopefully they can be linked through this, rather than pulling content in, just tying it together.

Any idea how the old web-ring thing used to work?

ghans - I just came to know about Frambozenbier/EduGeek . Will they be able to help us?

meltwater - I've added their links in the community part. They have offered to build tutorials and guides through the wiki which is good, hopefully other communities will do the same or use the wiki to link theirs.

Need to spot and keep an eye out of other hubs of RPi related work and link them, such as RPi Puppy, RPi KidsRuby etc.

A lot of it will hopefully come as people get kit, ideally they'll search for what they want to do and put links to useful stuff on this wiki. Some will prefer writing guides etc in forums, blogs etc others will use the wiki itself. I think there will be a lot of content out there when the boards come and a big community following.

They obviously need support for their community !

DeadLinks/Old Pages

RaspberryPiFirstSteps - almost duplicated by RPi Hardware Basic Setup - sorry didn't spot it (meltwater) (can be removed once all important info is transferred).

  • RaspberryPiFirstSteps merged into RPi Hardware Basic Setup and redirect put in place - User:Tufty

RaspberryPiBoard - original page now superseded by R-Pi Hub.

  • RaspberryPiBoard merged into multiple other articles (all of these are linked to from R-Pi Hub). Redirect put in place - User:Tufty

RaspberryPiBoard/EducationalLinks - needed merging into Rpi Education.

  • RaspberryPiBoard/EducationalLinks merged into Rpi Education and redirect put in place - User:Tufty

To Do

Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups Rpi Education

  • My original thought is to keep it separate to the community links, since one main focus of the RPi is the education side and ideally schools and clubs etc can share with each other through their own group pages. But feel free to change it!
    • I've merged the links into the education page, and note that there's a link to the education page from the community page. That should cover all the bases - User:Tufty

RPi Projects, Guides & Tutorials RaspberryPiBoardProjects

  • Requires content!

Beginners Guide RPi Beginners

  • Needs a little tidy up and probably updating (by those who know!). Abbreviated guide now at RPi Hardware Basic Setup should also be reviewed over time.

Language / Translations

  • Section has been created for this. Create version of page i.e. "FR:R-Pi Hub" and link at top with suitable flag. Keep the page names the same so re-linking is easy.
    • Have added redirects for misspellings of R-Pi Hub in EN/ FR/ DE/ ES, plus re-jigged the layout on each version - User:Tufty

Rpi links

Design Ideas/Improvements


Right now, the RPi-specific content on this Wiki is merely a loosely connected set of pages, some of them prefixed with RPi, some not. Does anybody know how handles such vendor-specific groups besides the usual Category: tags? Are there special Namespaces for them (i.e. RPi:Hub, RPi:Buyers_Guide), is the use of Subdirectories recommended (i.e. RPi/Hub, RPi:Buyers_Guide, BeagleBoard does that to some extent)? --Phoque 15:08, 26 January 2012 (UTC)

  • I've changed all of the English pages to RPi_Name - note the capitals and the space. In order to produce some coherence I've put together this:
...just add {{Template:Raspberry Pi}} at the bottom of a page, and let me know if any help is needed updating the template - Tufty 20:36, 28 January 2012 (UTC)