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This page could do with some reorganisation but don't want to tread on toes. How about this page being dedicated to setting up and testing the serial port, and we do it by use-case. Windows/Linux terminal connection and Windows/Linux connection to a peripheral (including another computer).

  • Step 1 in all cases is to decide whether or not one needs to disable the kernel boot messages.
  • Step N-1 is testing with a bit of wire and a loop-back test.
  • Step N is a set of links to how to access the port from a programming language


I have confirmed that this adapter [which adapter? can we remove this?] works with a synology TTL serial comm port. [[1]] also confirmed the voltage is 3.3 from this convertor as loads of people were worried about degradation or failure using a 5v ttl serial convertor Waiting on the real thing to try it out.

Adafruit 954 USB serial cable

I been thinking of ordering the Adafruit 954 USB serial cable... but at the end I did not... the cable only costs $9.99 and the delivery $15.35... a bit of overkill? Could this cable not be ordered in Europe, or at least somewhere closer (cheaper) to Belgium?

Geertivp (talk) 15:53, 9 June 2013 (UTC)