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I've tidied this page up as it was looking very unorganised and messy. Each section only needs a 'working' and 'problematic' sub-section. The SD card section had a 'works but...', that isn't really needed. The card either works or it has a problem, there is no in-between. There are going to be a lot of cases of unbranded peripherals, so it may also be an idea to start using notes on all items pointing to their pages on somewhere like Amazon, who is likely to continue to stock the items for a longer time than the likes of, say eBuyer or eBay. --Rmwebs 20:14, 20 April 2012 (UTC)

SD cards: Qualification of 'works'

Is it worth putting testing guidelines in here, something along the lines of:

1. Install debian image, ensure that system boots to desktop with n seconds 2. Check /var/log for any IO errors 3. Run dd if=/dev/zero of=~/ bs=1M count=512 and record write speed (MB/s) 4. Check with other distros

I say this as it took me a while to work out that my card was causing problems - I'd just put it down to the speed of the Pi that I'd not used before. A lot of other people may be in the same boat...