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This page could use a re-organization. Currently, most of the page is concerned with cross-platform compilation, with a lot of duplication in the kernel build step. I propose a breakdown thus:

  • Overview
  • Getting the toolchain for cross-compilation (if needed)
  • Configuring the kernel
with special emphasis on built-in vs. modular drivers
  • Building the kernel
  • Installing the kernel

Another possibility is to give cross-compilation its own page, to cover toolchain acquisition for different host platforms. Given that the RPi isn't the only embedded to use ARM CPU's, such a page could serve the same purpose for several ARM platforms. (For that matter, each CPU on such a page could have its own section on toolchain acquisition.) Then, the "kernel compilation" page could deal more succinctly with process of configuring and building the kernel for the RPi platform.


Note: zImage not supported by the last loader, officially confirmed! Only the uncompressed kernel image is supported.