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This page lists technologies and projects that CELF members are interested in the status of. This includes kernel patches, new technology research, and middleware and user-space projects of key interest for consumer electronics products. The projects may be the topics of discussion at CELF meetings, and we plan to watch and report the status of these technologies.

Please add any information you have about the technology items listed below!!

Latest Watchlist

The Status field in the table below indicates whether this feature is on track for being mainlined. The When was last activity field indicates the kernel version number or date when the last activity was noted for this feature. This could be the last kernel version where bits from this patch were mainlined, or the last date of visible feature development activity outside the main tree.

Kernel Stuff

Technology, Feature or Patch Status When was last activity Notes
Linux-tiny Now in active development. Patches published for 2.6.23 Latest patches were published Oct. 13, 2007 Maintainer was found at OLS. New maintainer is Michael Opdenacker. See
squashfs Latest release is 3.2-r2. Not mainlined. Phillip Lougher said he was aiming for Oct 22 mainline attempt. Unfortunately, an accident involving his hand has slowed things down. Last mainline attempt was over a year ago. Last release (3.2-r2) was Jan 15, 2007 CELF has offered to support or assist mainlining this code, but not gotten a response from the maintainer.
AXFS Not mainlined yet. Last mainline attempt was 4 months ago. Jared will try to mainline again by end of 2007
LogFS Not mainlined yet. In active development with patches submitted to LKML . CELF is contracting with Jorn Engel to do mainline activity. ? -
LTTng core not mainlined. Markers were mainlined in 2.6.23?? ? LTTng instrumentation bits were changed to use markers, in early 2007
SystemTap (and Kprobes) for non-i386 arches no embedded arch support mainlined yet ? KProbes ports for ARM, MIPS and PPC32 were reported on at ELC 2007, SystemTap for SH was demo'ed at ELC 2007
kpagemap - memory instrumentation currently in -mm, targetted for 2.6.23? July 2007 Matt Mackall was fixing a lock contention bug (as of July 2007)
KFT (Kernel Function Trace) not mainlined - broken on ARM (with gcc > 4.x), PPC64 has problems (reports parent funcs of inlines). Nicholas McGuire is taking over maintainership from Tim Bird, with funding from CELF last published external patches for 2.6.21 -
printk-times (arch support) fully mainlined? April, 2005 Some arches had problems with accessing the clock too early in the kernel bootup sequence, but a new setup routine defers turning on the timestamping until after timekeeping is initialized
RT-preempt some parts mainlined (last part was high res. timers in 2.6.21) 2.6.21? Next target is to integrate threaded interrupts in 2.6.23?? Still not integrated threaded interrupt in 2.6.23
App Armour not mainlined May, 2007 Some kernel developers still have objections to path-based mention App Armour
TOMOYO Linux not mainlined Nov 17, 2007 (4th post) (trying now) "TOMOYO Linux has only recently surfaced on the wider mailing lists; its reception has not been entirely friendly. This project's developers have some work to do if they are (1) to get past the same obstacles which have slowed AppArmor, and (2) show that their project is sufficiently different from AppArmor to merit inclusion as yet another security framework." (from Linux Weather Forecast)
powertop ? ? ACPI version available; reported to be portable to non-Intel architectures, but no attempt known
PM QoS in 2.6.23-mm1 Oct '07 (see need Embedded folks to take a look and help define the interface, expand the features and raise issues from the embedded perspective.
B) [NEW]
Userspace I/O
Seems to be merged into mainline (see: ) July, 2007 Lets pay attention!
B) [NEW]
Kernel How To (Japanese and Chinese translation)
Seems to be merged into mainline July, 2007 Lets pay attention!
Originally written by Greg KH


Project Status When was last activity Notes
libdlna Developer has added support for all profiles except MPEG-4 and WMV ( ) 29 Aug, 07 Short term goal is to provide DLNA support to Ushare media server, long term goal is to provide generic DLNA reference library BR References: