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This page provides an incomplete list of boards that contain Tegra chips and run mainline Linux and U-Boot. For some boards, a sub-page exists that provides further details.

Tegra20 (Tegra 2)

  • Avionic Design Tamonten module
  • Colibri T20 module
  • Compulab Trimslice
  • NVIDIA Harmony
  • NVIDIA Seaboard (Springbank)
  • NVIDIA Ventana
  • NVIDIA Whistler
  • Toshiba AC100 (Compal PAZ00)

Tegra30 (Tegra 3)

Tegra114 (Tegra 4)

  • NVIDIA Dalmore

Tegra124 (Tegra K1 32-bit)

  • NVIDIA Jetson TK1
  • NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Pro: a far more rugged system designed specifically for the production-grade automotive industry. Contact NVIDIA Automotive Sales if you wish to use Tegra K1 SOC in the automotive industry.
  • NVIDIA Venice2