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Tegra2 is the dual-core Cortex-A9+FPU based part from nVidia


Forums: http://tegradeveloper.nvidia.com/tegra/forum

Installing linux: There is a temporary workaround to install linux until nVidia launch their official LDK http://tegradeveloper.nvidia.com/tegra/forum/workaround-run-ubuntu-now

Binary kernel and config file: File:Ianr-tegra-9.12.9-kernel.tar.bz2 Note patch contains some performance improvements to L2 [build instructions and source code detailed in forum posting]

Fastboot utility (prebuilt for x86 Linux host machine - tested on Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Karmic) [build instructions and source code detailed in forum posting] File:Ianr-fastboot-linux.tar.bz2


  • Hardware
    • Tegra 2 Chip
    • Tegra 250 Development Board
    • Devices
      • Rumored
      • Announced
  • Operating Systems
    • Android
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • OpenGL Information and Development