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=== [[Installation Detail]] ===
=== [[Tegra_Ubuntu_Installation]] ===

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Linux on Tegra

This page lists information for the Tegra developer community on how to get different linux distributiosn running on the NVIDIA Tegra SoC (specifically the Tegra 250 development board).

Please feel free to add information to this page especially if you find something that could save a fellow developer time!

Installing linux

There is a temporary workaround to install linux until NVIDIA launch their official LDK. See the developer forum thread.

Binary kernel and config file: File:Ianr-tegra-9.12.9-kernel.tar.bz2 Note patch contains some performance improvements to L2 [build instructions and source code detailed in forum posting]

Fastboot utility (prebuilt for x86 Linux host machine - tested on Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Karmic) [build instructions and source code detailed in forum posting] File:Ianr-fastboot-linux.tar.bz2