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For more information, see Running OpenOCD on Linux. When you start OpenOCD, its output should look like this:

Beaglexm ocdstartup.png


You may see one or more JTAG-DP_STICKY_ERROR immediately on startup. This is caused by a bug in OpenOCD, but don't worry. OpenOCD will still be able to communicate with the board. The errors look like this.

Beaglexm ocderr.png

The -c init -c "reset init" commands at the end of the OpenOCD startup is a workaround for this error. If you don't include the init and reset init commands, you will still be able to use OpenOCD with the Beagleboard XM. However, if you exit and restart OpenOCD, it will fail to connect unless you unplug the Flyswatter and plug it back in.