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Connecting the Flyswatter2 and the BeagleBone


To hook up the Flyswatter2 and the BeagleBone, you will need:

Connect the 20 Pin Ribbon Cable to the Flyswatter2.

Fs2 20pin ribbon.jpg

Connect one end of the 20-pin end ribbon cable to the Flyswatter2's JTAG interface.

Connect the 20-pin Ribbon Cable to the ARM20CTI20 Adapter Board.

Fs2 bone ribbon adapter.jpg

Connect the other end of the 20 pin ribbon cable into the ARM20CTI20 adapter. Your cable most likely has a raised nub on the head to force it into the correct position which matches a notch on the adapter. If it doesn't, align Pin 1 on the ribbon cable (marked with a red stripe) with the pin marked as 1 on the adapter.

Connect the 20-piARM20CTI20 adapter to to BeagleBone.

Fs2 bone adapter.jpg

Next, connect the ARM20CTI20 adapter connected to the ribbon cable to the 20 pin connector that has been added to the underside of the BeagleBone.

Plug in the Serial Cable.

Fs2 beaglexm bothcables.png

Connect the Flyswatter2 and the Beagleboard XM with the RS-232 serial cable.

Connect the USB cable to the Flyswatter2.

Fs2 beaglexm usb.png

Find the USB cable that comes with the Flyswatter2. Connect the B end (the square end, not the flat end) to the Flyswatter2.

Connect the Power Cable to the Beagleboard XM.

Fs2 beaglexm power.png

The Beagleboard XM's power adapter is next to the serial port.

Plug the Power Adapter into a Wall Outlet.

The green power LED on the Beagleboard XM should come on and remain on.

Plug the USB Cable into your PC.

The green power LED on the Flyswatter2 should come on and remain on.