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Patching OpenOCD

The OpenOCD Flyswatter2 beta patch provides support for the Flyswatter2 and updated config files for the original Flyswatter, the TinCanTools Hammer, and the Olimex PIC-P32MX board. Download the file Media:Tincantools-openocd-b0.12.patch. (Right click the link and select Save As.) Save the file to your new openocd-0.5.0 directory.

In the {{{{{1}}}_COMPILE_TERMINAL}}, navigate to the patch file and patch the source as follows:

cd {{{2}}}
patch -p1 -i Tincantools-openocd-b0.12.patch

Even if you do not need Flyswatter2 support, you will need the updated config files in this patch to use the Flyswatter with OpenOCD-0.5.0. If you do not wish to install the patch you can download the config files individually from OpenOCD Config Files.