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| group1 = '''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">Startup</span>'''
| group1 = '''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">Startup</span>'''
| list1  = [http://shop.adapteva.com/ Ordering] - [http://www.parallella.org/instructions/ Assembling the Case] - [http://www.parallella.org/get-started/ Quick Start Guide] - [http://forums.parallella.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1035/ SD Card Setup Macintosh]
| list1  = [http://shop.adapteva.com/ Ordering] - [https://www.parallella.org/2014/04/30/cases-and-cooling/ Cases and Cooling] - [http://www.parallella.org/get-started/ Quick Start Guide] - [http://forums.parallella.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1035/ SD Card Setup Macintosh]
| group2 = '''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">Hardware</span>'''
| group2 = '''<span style="color:#FFFFFF">Hardware</span>'''

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Please use this template only for the English language version, and make a copy if you wish to use it for another language. Please be careful when editing and use preview, as this template appears on a number of pages.

To add this to a page, use {{Parallella Navbox}}

As the Parallella category is included below, every article using this navigation box template should be forced to become a member of the category, but feel free to add the category tag to the article anyway as it does no harm.

If you're wondering how this template is possible - it uses the Navbar, Navbox and Transclude templates from Wikipedia under Creative Commons Share-alike licence, with CSS info added manually as eLinux doesn't allow editing of the master CSS.

This template was based on the Raspberry Pi navigation box template.