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Here is information about programs used in the CELF Open Test Lab:

Table Of Contents:


  • 'target' is a program to build software and control a target board from a host machine
  • a sample test which uses 'target' is available, downloadable here: Media:preset-test.py
  • some lab software may eventually find its way to the otl-progs project on SourceForge.net.


Using git bisect to find the offending patch

At the 2005 Linux Kernel Summit, when Tim presented the idea of providing size regression data to the kernel developers, Linus recommended that the individual that caused the regression be identified by the automated test.

Here's how Linus described how to use "git bisect" to find a broken patch. (from LKML, 9/20/2005)

It is. Just get the "id" file that is associated with a snapshot, and it

gives the git commit ID for that state.

So for example, the 2.6.14-rc1-git3 snapshot is associated with the ID 
file patch-2.6.14-rc1-git3.id, which contains 

    v2.6/snapshots(0)$ cat patch-2.6.14-rc1-git3.id

so once you know that something broke between rc1-git3 and rc1-git4, you

can now do

    git bisect start
    git bisect good 065d9cac98a5406ecd5a1368f8fd38f55739dee9
    git bisect bad bc5e8fdfc622b03acf5ac974a1b8b26da6511c99

and off you go..