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Here is a quick list of different test systems (and test projects) for Linux:

Test Projects

Clearly, a number of open source projects in this realm exist. This page intends to collect descriptions and links to these projects

Test Automation Tools

* Autotest
* Red Hat Test Project

Test Suites

* Linux Test Project

Static Analysis

* Sparse
* Smatch

Automated kernel compilation results

Here are some locations where automated tests of kernel compilation can be viewed:


  • http://l4x.org/k/ - Jan Dittmer's page showing the build status and kernel size of the defconfigs of many architectures. Running since 2004 or 2005


Kautobuild is Simtec's automated system to build and store results for ARM and MIPS platforms, for every kernel version. It uses defconfigs for multiple boards, and reports compile errors/warnings, module size, kernel size etc.


ABAT - https://sourceforge.net/projects/abat/

- does a download/build/boot regression test for several mainline kernel trees, as soon as new versions are available
- test results matrix is available here:
   - http://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/mbligh/abat/regression_matrix.html