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Here is a quick list of different test systems (and test projects) for Linux:

Test Projects

Clearly, a number of open source projects in this realm exist. This page intends to collect descriptions and links to these projects

Test Automation Tools

* Autotest
* Red Hat Test Project

Test Suites

* Linux Test Project

Static Analysis

* Sparse
* Smatch

Automated kernel compilation results

Here are some locations where automated tests of kernel compilation can be viewed:


  • http://l4x.org/k/ - Jan Dittmer's page showing the build status and kernel size of the defconfigs of many architectures. Running since 2004 or 2005

= Kautobuild

Kautobuild is Simtec's automated system to build and store results for ARM and MIPS platforms, for every kernel version. It uses defconfigs for multiple boards, and reports compile errors/warnings, module size, kernel size etc.


ABAT - https://sourceforge.net/projects/abat/

- does a download/build/boot regression test for several mainline kernel trees, as soon as new versions are available
- test results matrix is available here:
   - http://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/mbligh/abat/regression_matrix.html