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(add SLAV data)
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|shell script or shell snippet
|shell script or shell snippet
|shell variables, lines or functions
|shell variables, lines or functions
|yes - fuego_test.sh
|style="background:lightgreen; yes - fuego_test.sh
|yes - busybox.sh
|yes - busybox.sh

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File type description Fuego Linaro/LAVA Yocto 0day CKI Jenkins SLAV
shell script or shell snippet shell variables, lines or functions style="background:lightgreen; yes - fuego_test.sh yes - busybox.sh no yes - iozone yes yes - inside config.xml no?
yaml Yet another markup language yes - test.yaml yes - busybox.yaml no yes - iozone.yaml no no yes? - libteec.yml, test1.yml?
json Javascript object notation yes - spec.json, pass_criteria.json, run.json no rarely? - manual/kernel-dev.json (has metadata), testresults.json (has analysis string mapping?) no no no no?
xml eXtensible Markup Language no no no no no yes - config.xml no
python python code or fragments yes - parser.py rarely - gst_validate_lava_parse.py yes - buildlzip.py no sometimes - 3.10.0-0.py no no
ruby ruby language no no no yes - stat/netperf no no no
makefile (language) language interpreted by Make no no no no yes - Makefile no no
custom custom file format or configuration language rarely - reference.log no? no? no yes - PURPOSE, README.md? yes - pipelines (declarative language) no?
other some other file format or language no no no no no yes - groovy? yes - go, haskell