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= Testing Standards =
= Testing Standards =
Start collecting info for testing standards here:
See [[Test Standards]]
* https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2119 - ietf MUST, SHALL, MAY, etc. wording standards
Things we'd like to standardize in open source testing:
* test nomenclature (test glossary)
* how to specify test pre-requisites
** ex: assert_define ENV_VAR_NAME
** ex: kernel_config
* test API
* host/target abstraction
** kernel installation
** file operations
** console access
** command execution
* test retrieval, build, deployment
** test execution:
*** ex: 'make test'
* test log output format
** counts
** subtest results
** Candidate formats:
*** https://testanything.org/
* test package format
** meta-data for each test
** test results
** baseline expected results for particular tests on particular platforms
** what tests can be skipped etc.

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This page has lists of resources for Linux testing.

Board Farm Page

See the Board Farm page

Automated Testing page

The Automated Testing page has information about issues and initiatives related to automated testing of embedded Linux.

Presentations from events

LPC 2016 testing mini-summit (Nov 2016)

The 2016 Linux Plumbers Conference had a mini-summit on Testing and Fuzzing, as well as other sessions dedicated to open source testing issues. Here are some links related to that event:

collect presentation links above

Japan Jamboree 58-1 (Oct 2016)

ELC Europe 2016 (Oct 2016)

Previous ELC and ELCE talks on testing

Testing Standards

See Test Standards