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From issue 9 onwards, advertisements will be included in each issue of The MagPi... but we will always retain a minimum of 32 pages of content plus advertising. These advertisements should be to the benefit of the Raspberry Pi community and be written with the same ethos as other articles, to encourage others to learn and develop programming skills.


The cost of the advertising space is a function of the number of downloads or printed copies sold.

From issue 9, a full page of advertising space costs 250 pounds (GBP) or for the outside back cover page of the magazine 1000 pounds (GBP). Half-pages are also available (contact for pricing).

Please contact the editor for further information.


The magazine may be translated into a number of languages, including:

  • French
  • German
  • Chinese

There are three options:

  1. The advert can be included in English (this will be done unless requested otherwise).
  2. Provide a translation of the advert to include (our translators may be able to assist with this - however it will be up to you to verify the accuracy of the translation).
  3. On request, the advert can be removed from the translated magazine.

Currently, there is no extra cost to include your advert in the translated editions.


The magazine is targeted at all ages, so we consider all content and adverts should be similarly suitable and in-offensive.

If we feel something isn't suited, we shall aim to work with the advertiser to resolve any issues.

Print Deadline

Adverts should be submitted as soon as possible, so that they can be included in the Live Draft (typically available from the first week of the month, unless requested otherwise).

Latest submission of the advert should be by 15th of each month, to allow time for layout if required and proofing.


As with the articles, the advert should not include content which violates copyright or restrict our rights to print and distribute the magazine.

In addition, to traditional adverts, there is an option to write and submit a sponsored article.

This a great way for a company to showcase their in-house expertise by allowing employees to produce an article supported by the company.

Past examples:

  1. "In-Circuit" series sponsored by Tandy (Issues 2-4)
  2. "PiGauge" article sponsored by NTS (Issue 8)

The costs involved are less since you are also providing useful content to the readers.

Please contact the editor for further information.