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The Magazine Management System (MMS) is a web application through which articles and associated issues of the magazine are tracked. The package allows comments to be attached to articles and tickets to be opened and closed. Articles can be assigned or unassigned from an issue. PDF files can be uploaded to an article record. All the PDF files in an article can be merged together on the server side. This dramatically reduces the time spent downloading and uploading files.


Registration is open to authors, layout team, testers and administrators of the magazine. To register, simply go to The MMS Website and sign up. Once you have an account, you are able to comment on articles or view the status of the magazine.

Bug Tracker

If you find a bug within the MMS system or have an idea for a feature request / enhancement, these should be logged in The MagPi Bug Tracker for Nick to review.

You can also see the status of all outstanding issues / requests on the site.