The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse

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The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse

Norman Matloff, Peter Jay Salzman, No Starch Press, ISBN-13: 978-1593271749

Description from [|]:

The Art of Debugging illustrates the use three of the most popular debugging tools on Linux/Unix platforms: GDB, DDD, and Eclipse. The text-command based GDB (the GNU Project Debugger) is included with most distributions. DDD is a popular GUI front end for GDB, while Eclipse provides a complete integrated development environment.

In addition to offering specific advice for debugging with each tool, authors Norm Matloff and Pete Salzman cover general strategies for improving the process of finding and fixing coding errors, including how to:

   * Inspect variables and data structures
   * Understand segmentation faults and core dumps
   * Know why your program crashes or throws exceptions
   * Use features like catchpoints, convenience variables, and artificial arrays
   * Avoid common debugging pitfalls

Real world examples of coding errors help to clarify the authors' guiding principles, and coverage of complex topics like thread, client-server, GUI, and parallel programming debugging will make you even more proficient. You'll also learn how to prevent errors in the first place with text editors, compilers, error reporting, and static code checkers.


Kaa-ching says: Matloff does a great job at introducing a great piece of debuggging software, present why and how you want to use it and goes into details about almost anything you can do with GDB or with the graphical front-ends DDD or Eclipse. The book is very readable and easy to follow and contains many great examples. This book really is worth your money.