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11:39, 13 September 2014 M-i-k-e-h (talk | contribs)

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I found a *much* easier way to get a Linux distribution installed to the Minnowboard that I though worth sharing. I've successfully installed Ubuntu and Lubuntu 14.04 to a sd-card and a SATA HDD respectively today. Both seem to work ok - Ethernet, keyboard, HDMI all working fine. Ubuntu runs very slowly from my sd-card, Lubuntu on a regular HDD is tolerable.

Approach I took was to burn (using pendrivelinux) a regular 32bit i386 ISO to a USB stick, and then copy over from the Angstrom card that came with the board the EFI directory and the ID.txt and startup.nsh files. Then edit EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg to remove the angstrom command and add the grub commands forinstallation from the grub config file that the ISO wrote to the stick.

Boot the minnowboard from the USB stick with an sd-card or hdd in place, follow the regular install sequence (which is pretty slow) and it installs just fine.

11:39, 13 September 2014