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12:56, 31 December 2014 Cwshep (talk | contribs)

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(Reply to Filesystem problems when restoring)
14:14, 1 December 2014 Andris (talk | contribs)

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Hello, and thank you for this awesome tool!

I've successfully captured several .img files, which worked very well, and I've made the edits to to place these images back onto the emmc of a beaglebone.

The process of copying the image back to the emmc seems to go well, the light pattern matches what I see when copying an image from EMMC to SD: LED USR0 blinks for about 5 minutes, and then stops. I power off, and boot the system

Things seemed to work ok at first, most of my changes are intact....however, some things are not. A few files (/etc/hostname, /etc/hosts, and so on) are missing. I noted on further investigation that the filesystem is mounted read only, so there seems to be something wrong with the volume on the EMMC

Any idea what would cause this? Maybe just an improper shutdown before I captured the image?

14:14, 1 December 2014

I noticed that my images were only 2GB (see above comment). Can you verify you captured full images? Also, you can try dd'ing the captured image over to another sd card and mounting the partitions in linux to take a look at what you actually captured.

12:56, 31 December 2014