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The user "" mentioned that there is no Jetson TK1 magazine for things like community projects. Currently Jetson TK1 is way too young to have enough of it's own content for a magazine, but eventually it would be a good idea. For now, the main place to look at would be CUDA projects, CUDA magazines, CUDA articles, etc, of which there are quite a few. There are even regular CUDA meetups in many cities around the world. Eventually when Jetson TK1 (and future Tegra based boards) has a larger community of users and contributors and projects, there would be similar things available for it.

    05:15, 7 August 2014

    There is precious little support for Jetson, outside nVidia, so you best not lose the little you have...

    wiki is a different medium to forum, and the one I chose. please do not 'own' this wiki or it won't be a wiki.

    wiki acts as a medium of record, I had no wish to enter into a discussion on a forum. which at this time as you suggest would not be effective.

      00:01, 8 August 2014

      It's true that Wiki and forums are different mediums, suited to different types of content. That's why I moved your question + request onto something suited for discussion like this Talk page or the DevTalk forum or on the Google+ community for general discussion), rather than a Wiki page that is supposed to be showing encyclopedia-style information, not questions or requests from users. If you want to add a section to the wiki about Jetson TK1 related magazines and you just say that no magazine currently exists, then that would make sense on a Wiki, but posting a complaining question onto a Wiki is not the correct method.

      I regularly maintain this Wiki to make sure the content is fairly consistent and good quality, hence why I moved your question + request to the talk section. If I knew which user you were on DevTalk I would have moved it to the DevTalk forum so others can comment (eg: maybe a user actually does want to start working on a Jetson TK1 or Tegra magazine), but I wasn't sure if you use DevTalk so I posted it here instead since you obviously do read this Wiki.

        07:19, 8 August 2014